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Operations officer&Script Developer

有效日期:2020年07月02日 - 2020年08月12日
招聘部门:上海总部,Operations Dept.
Position Responsibility: 岗位职责

[Summary] 总结

As a member of Payment and Trading Operations department, learn and handle routine operational processes, meanwhile drive, develop, and maintain digitalized and automated solution using approved scripting language and tool, as well as participate into various IT related projects.

[IT development related] IT 开发相关

1. Develop and build automation solutions for Operations by using tools available to users such as VBA, AutoIT as well as other scripting tools, leveraging on local data warehouse, based on being familiar with operational process;

2. Ongoing maintain, keep good documentation and implement solid risk controls on the above mentioned solutions;

3. Work with other IT related stakeholders, eg, internal and group IT, external vendor to conduct business analysis, discuss requirements, solutions and drive implementations for various operations’ system projects;

4. Participate SEB’s scripting community meetings to get updates about group trend and guidance in this area, as well as to communicate and exchange with other community members;

[Operation related] 业务相关

1. Assist daily routing of payment and trading operations;

2. Review client documentation to ensure all rules and procedures with regard to cross border payments are adhered to and well maintained;

3. Coordinate with Group Operations Singapore to handle day to day transactions;

4. Prepare regular reports (i.e. BOP, AML etc) to ensure the business running at a right way and meet relative statutory requirement;

5. Coordinate F/X transaction with TCM Shanghai for call rate;

6. System booking for incoming/outgoing payments;

7. Register & trace the missing documents;

8. Conduct self-assessment when required;

9. Escalate important issues to Team Leader if any;

10. Other ad hoc duties as assigned.

Position Requirement:岗位要求

1. Computer Science/Software development related major is a plus;

2. In-depth knowledge of MS VBA, familiar with Access database oriented development, knowledge with SQL Server development is a plus; Knowledge of MS sharepoint development, XML and HTML is preferred
深入了解MS Office VBA编程,熟悉面向Access数据库的开发,具备一定SQL Server开发知识优先;同时了解Sharepoint、XML以及HTML为佳;

3. Good understanding with software development lifecycle and various IT development risk control mechanism;

4. Bank related knowledge or relevant work experience is preferred;

5. Proactive, problem solving oriented with good working attitude, and willing to work under pressure;

6. Good communication skills, team work spirit and customer service mindset;

7. Good English at spoken and written. 良好的英语能力

SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group present in some 20 countries, with 17,000 employees. As a relationship bank strongly committed to deliver customer value, SEB in Sweden and the Baltic countries offers financial advice and a wide range of financial services.

SEB’s office in Beijing opened in 1983 and Shanghai opened in 2005. We help home market companies entering and establishing operations in China and Chinese companies expanding operations into Northern Europe.

Available services range from cash management and trade finance to corporate financing and currency trading, and we can assist clients with services in both foreign currencies and on-shore renminbi.




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