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有效日期:2018年08月08日 - 2021年05月07日
About Global Delivery Center

Deloitte China established its Global Delivery Center in Chongqing, a key growth engine in China in February 2015. The Center provides multi-disciplinary services to offices in China, with the long term objective of supporting the other member firms within the Deloitte Global organization. Not only does GDC help drive maximum efficiency, it also provides the management with strategic data and other support, which enable us to better serve the global clients and network of Deloitte, making a real impact on matters.



About Global Delivery Center – Consulting

The Deloitte Consulting China Global Delivery Center is positioned to support consulting projects across the Deloitte global member firms. Capabilities within the centre currently include development and implementation skills across consulting offering portfolios of Enterprise Technology & Performance, Digital Customer & marketing and Human Capital. The center offers Deloitte global delivery model which enables collaboration of global resources in large global engagements.

In China, we are dedicated to provide clients worldwide with high quality IT solutions and services, including various customized development, system implementation, Application Maintenance Service (AMS), IT offshore/outsourcing service, and industry & client specific solution research and customization.


德勤咨询(Deloitte Consulting)中国全球交付中心(以下简称DC-GDC)担负着为德勤全球各成员所提供技术支持的重任。DC-GDC专业人员具备在咨询业务的企业技术与绩效、数字化客户与营销、人力资本等整合业务群组的开发和实施方面的技术能力。DC-GDC采用德勤全球交付模式,统一整合德勤全球资源完成大规模项目交付。


GDC has 8 service lines, details are as below:

1. About A&C (Analytics & Cognitive) – Deloitte’s Analytics and Cognitive solutions harness the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover hidden relationships from vast amounts of data in client’s organization. Implementing the right strategy and technology will balance speed, cost, and quality to deliver measurable business value.

2. About AMS (Application Management Service) - Deloitte provides a full range of application management services covering consulting, system operation and maintenance, as well as application optimization and business innovation. Deloitte Application Maintenance Services is based on value management model, built on top of first-class application service delivery, and continuous IT improvement and business implementation. Mainly to provide customers with various system application function support services, such as SAP S4/BPC/Hyperion, and RPA project implementation and maintenance services (mainly for Japanese business).

3. About Cloud- Deloitte Cloud provides E2E Cloud based solutions for our customer including Cloud Strategy, Cloud Architecture Design, and Implementation on Cloud PaaS platform and Cloud Managed Service.

4. About DCM(Digital Customer & Marketing ) - DCM provides strategic and technical advice for enterprise digital transformation and innovation, taking into account creative consultants, architects, implementing partners and operational services. We will integrate new digital and innovative capabilities with long-term profound industry insights, rich consulting experience and tools, and adopt innovative methods to help customers bring new business vision and height.

5. About HRT (Human Resource Transformation) – Deloitte HRT team helps transforming HR operations and payroll with leading HR cloud technologies (SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle PeopleSoft) and other analytic and mobile solutions that enhance service delivery, enable innovation, and reenergize the experience of the people you serve, from frontline staff to leaders, employees to gig workers, administrators and faculty to students.

6. About SAP- Deloitte SAP team has leading position in Great China market, helps client build the Enterprise Digital Core system and brings unique value in the competitive environment. We combine Deloitte advisory and technology capabilities to cover various SAP products, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), HCM (Human Capital Management), E-commence, BI (Business Intelligence), and more intelligent solutions.

7. About Oracle-Deloitte has been certified as the highest-level diamond partner of Oracle (the second largest software company in the world and the largest enterprise software company in the world) for more than 20 years, has been widely recognized as the world leader in the field of Oracle’s consulting services. Combined with industry experience and technical expertise, we have the most complete Oracle implementation consulting service capability from planning, consulting to design, development, implementation and project management. We provide customers with a set of leading technology platforms and support standardized technical solutions to help them cope with the most complex and multi-dimensional challenges in application systems.

8. About SE (System Engineering) - Deloitte Systems Engineering team has accumulated a lot of experience in project management, architecture design and testing of large-scale information systems projects in various industries, focusing mainly on life sciences, automotive, FSI and TMT industries. To provide customers with comprehensive consulting and implementation services such as optimization, customization and integration of information systems under the environment of high-speed development of new technologies. All-round assistance to enterprises to improve the level of innovation in information technology, so that the development of new science and technology can play the greatest value and advantage for enterprise growth.

德勤咨询(Deloitte Consulting)中国全球交付中心共有8条业务线,具体介绍如下:

1. 关于分析与认知 (Analytics & Cognitive) –德勤咨询的分析和认知专家专注于利用数据仓库、全面预算、大数据、人工智能(AI)、RPA自动化等技术,从企业的海量数据中挖掘出价值及洞察,实现企业数据化经营、建立AI驱动组织,打通企业战略、计划、预算、预测、报告、分析以及绩效的管理闭环,在企业增速、成本和质量之间取得平衡,为企业实现可衡量的商业价值。

2. 关于应用管理服务 (Application Management Service) - 德勤咨询提供全方位的应用管理服务涵盖前期咨询,信息系统运营维护,以及应用优化与业务创新。德勤咨询运维服务基于价值管理模型,建立于一流应用服务交付之上,并加以持续的IT改进与业务实现。主要向客户提供各类系统应用功能支持服务,如SAP S4/BPC/Hyperion等;以及RPA类项目实施与运维服务(对日业务为主)。

3. 关于云服务(Cloud) - 提供端到端的云计算相关服务以及解决方案,从云战略,云架构,实施落地,到托管运维全方位覆盖。德勤咨询提供的解决方案旨在为客户解决最为棘手的业务以及技术上的问题。

4. 关于数字化客户与营销 (Digital Customer & Marketing)– 德勤咨询为企业数字化转型和创新提供战略和技术咨询,兼顾创意顾问、架构设计师、实施伙伴和运营服务。 我们将新兴数字化和创新能力,与长期积累的深刻行业洞见、丰富的咨询经验和工具进行深度融合,采取创新的方法帮助客户带来新的商业愿景和高度。

5. 关于人力资源转型(Human Resource Transformation)- 德勤咨询HRT团队借助领先的人力资源信息技术(SAP SuccessFactors和Oracle PeopleSoft)以及分析与移动解决方案,实现人力资源运营和薪酬管理创新,重塑人才服务信息化交付,为一线从业人员、高层领导者、正式雇员、临时人员、企业人员或是学校教职工打造完美的信息化体验。

6. 关于SAP - 德勤咨询SAP团队在大中华区享有领先的市场地位。德勤咨询SAP帮助企业实现数字化转型,并通过领先的SAP S/4 HANA平台为核心的一整套解决方案,将企业管理提升到新的水平。德勤咨询帮助企业规划和实施整套解决方案,包括企业资源计划、客户关系管理,供应链管理,人力资源管理,数据分析等集成化的本地方案或者云部署方案。

7. 关于Oracle – 德勤咨询至今连续超过20年获得Oracle公司(全球第二大软件公司和最大的企业级软件公司)的最高级别——钻石级合作伙伴认证,被广泛认可为世界范围内Oracle实施咨询服务领域的领导者。 结合行业经验和技术专长,我们具有从规划、咨询到设计、开发、实施及项目管理的最为完整的Oracle实施咨询服务能力,为客户提供一整套集成行业领先的技术平台和支持规范的技术解决方案,帮助客户应对在应用系统方面最复杂、最多维的挑战。

8. 关于系统集成 (System Engineering) – 德勤咨询系统集成团队在各个行业的大型信息化系统项目的项目管理、架构设计和测试能力上积累了大量的经验,主要聚焦于生命科学、汽车、金融、电信行业。为客户提供高速发展的新技术环境下的信息化系统的优化、定制、集成等综合性咨询与实施服务。全方位协助企业提高信息化的创新水平,使得新科技的发展能为企业增长发挥出最大的价值与优势。


Responsible for supporting consulting projects, such as SAP, Oracle, system engineering, data mining and analytics, customization development, HR transformation, Cloud, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) projects.

Major Responsibilities: Business Requirement Analysis, Process Design, Development and Testing etc.





• Bachelor or bachelor above Degree majored in Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Graphic Design, Visual Design and other related disciplines
• Knowledge and experience in ERP, RPA, SalesForce, C#, ,HTML5,Java,SQL is preferred.
• Passionate about excelling a career in professional service
• Good written and oral communication skills in English, and Japanese and other language skills is a plus
• Good logical, analytical, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills
• A fast learner and strong team player
• Always take the initiative, self-motivated and willing to work under pressure
• Need to attend GDC project internship first. Good internship performer will be considered for full-time offer
• Willing to travel
• 本科或以上学历,计算机科学及应用、软件工程、管理信息系统、会计、财务、市场营销、平面设计、视觉设计等相关专业为佳
• 有ERP,RPA,Salesforce,C#, ,HTML5,Java,SQL,或数据库相关基础知识和开发经验者优先
• 对专业企业管理咨询及应用的未来职业发展充满激情
• 具有出色的中英文书面和口头沟通能力,如有日语及其他语言能力者优先
• 具有优秀的逻辑分析、解决问题及人际沟通能力
• 具有快速学习能力,富有团队合作精神
• 积极主动、善于自我激励,能够承受压力
• 需参加全球交付中心项目实习,根据实习表现给予转正
• 能够接受出差

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